With These Hands Academy Remix

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Made by DJs for DJs

Orbit Concepts has gone back to the development room to re-innovate, re-think and deliver to you the next generation dj bag - The JetPack Remix. The JetPack brand is synonymous with quality, durability and infamous for its innovation and features designed for every category of DJs. The JetPack Remix is no different and embodies everything you’ve come to expect with a quality bag. With a revolutionary space optimizing design, The JetPack Remix bears the flexibility and capacity to store all of the following items except a mixer:

Laptop (fits most 17"
Portable Battery Pack Tablet (Up to 10”)
Serato interface
Needle case
Vinyl LPs
Audio cables
Business cards
Car keys
Slots for buttons/pins

Backed by the industries top djs, the JetPack Remix has been proven to uphold the challenges and rigors of travel. Constructed to fit in most overhead bins and the space beneath the seat, you will never have to worry about checking in your bag. The ultra comfortable straps and padded back support will enhance your carrying experience. The heavy duty water resistant ballistic nylon will protect your equipment and personal items from dirt and water. And the customization feature allows you to personalize your bag with your own logo. This bag captures all of the essence, spirit and features of the JetPack you’ve grown to love - but Remix’d.

Customizable Panel

Positioned in the most optimal area, this panel offers you the ability to customize your JetPack Remix with your own personal logo.  Take advantage of the Orbit Concepts Customization service and you can own your very one custom JetPack in no time.

Laptop Compartment 

The JetPack Remix’s laptop compartment is an absolutely huge asset equipped to safely and securely hold most 17’ laptops with the case (fit will vary depending on the case)

Headphone Compartment 

Positioned securely towards the top of the compartment and isolated from other objects, this design reduces the risk of smashing or breaking the headphone in transit.  The pocket is roomy enough to fit nearly all DJ headphones out on the market today.

Record Compartment 

The JetPack Remix includes uniquely designed slots built into the compartment to specifically carry your vinyl, keep it safe, as well as separate from all your other gear.  This feature will eliminate your need for record sleeves.

Portable Battery Compartment

Fitted to store a small portable battery, this feature can be your life line when your hand held device is out of battery and you need a change to get you through the rest of the night.

Two Fitted Pocket Compartment

Two box fitted pockets enclosed with velcro flaps ideal for cartridge cases, USB interfaces, hard drive and other similarly sized items.

Tablet Compartment

A first of its kind, the tablet compartment offers a specially designed padded pocket to fit your standard 10” tablet device (iPad I, II, III, Xoom) along with its protective case.  Fit may vary depending on case.

Business Card and Key Holder

Located behind the main front pocket, these features offer convenient access and a designated location for your business cards and keys so you will never have to dig through your bag in time of need.

Comfortable Fit

With its ultra comfortable padding and even weight distribution, the JetPack Remix will never weigh you down, even when filled to the max.  Its assortment of adjustable straps and buckles further enhances the JetPack Remix’s comfortability.

Adjustable Loop

The easily accessible adjustable loop offers the ability to instantaneously tighten your shoulder straps simply by tugging the loops with your thumb.  This will save you valuable seconds and get you on your way.


A heavy duty water resistant ballistic nylon will ensure that your precious gear stay safe and dry.

Lockable Zipper

Equipped with a heavy duty water proof highly graded lockable zipper, this feature will prevent any liquid from entering your bag and offer you a piece of mind when traveling.

Outer Dimensions
Inches: 17 x 12.5 x 8
CM: 43.18 x 31.75 x 20.32
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Exclusive With These Hands Academy JetPack Remix
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Ship to your local academy
Top Feature 3: 
1 Year warranty
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If you already have a logo, then it's just 3 easy steps.
1.  Select the "add 1 logo" OR "add 2 logo" option above then add to cart button to proceed with your purchase
2.  Once your transaction is complete, look for your confirmaton email from paypal
3.  Forward that Paypal confirmation email WITH an attachment of your logo to
Once your email is received, we will reply back with a confirmation of receipt.
If you currently don't have a logo, don't let that stop you. We can still customize your DJ name. We have a variety of fonts to ensure you get the look that you want!
For more information please email us at Please make sure to include your DJ name



Customization service is only availiable for orders purchase directly from this website during time of purchase.
*  Please allow an extra 2 to 3 weeks for the customization process, once logo design is finalized.
*  Please be mindful that the JetPack outter material is black when submitting you logo design colors.
*  The logo will be embroidered on the center of the front panel and with a max size of 6 inches across.


This battery bank is made custom to fit the JetPack Remix and is compatible with any mobile device. It offers a large charging capacity, supplying enough power for 6-7 full charges for your iPhone. The charging output is 5.3V (1500 mAh) so it will charge your device quickly and comes equipped with an LED flashlight that is ideal for the club setting. It is perfect for every dj and you will never have to worry about forgetting your charger again.

For more infomation about the 9600 mAh Battery Bank, click here.