DJ Babu

DJ Babu (born Chris Oroc) is a Filipino-American DJ and is a member of a crew of DJs called the Beat Junkies a group which includes others such as Melo D, DJ Rhettmatic and J-ROCC DJ Babu was entitled "Turntablist" in order to distinguish what he was doing (scratching vinyl records) from the more conventional aspects of DJ-ing, he is a member of hip-hop group Dilated Peoples, together with straight Iriscience and evidence 

DJ Babu (under the alias "The Turntablist) was the creator of the most widely used Breakbeat album Super Duck Breaks (1996 Stones Throw Records) and its follow-up super-duper Duck Breaks 

According to the humorous song "The Chronicles Sparky" from the world famous Beat Junkies Volume 2 mixtape DJ Babu's flatulence is so bad & # 8220, if you ... the whiff you catchillness / your speech slurs and blurs your vision / you feel your chest and your heart murmur