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EC Twins' "Road to Miami WMC"

EC Twins of Team JetPack are making a couple of stops in SoCal before they head out to WMC next week. Check them out at Exchange in DTLA Thursday and Sutra in Newport Beach Friday! Last time they were here before Christmas, we got a chance to catch up with them and got them the JetPack Remix for Christmas! Here's the video of their reaction.



Episode 5 of Vinyl Destination

We love DJ Jazzy Jeff's video series so much that we recommend everyone to watch! Being a long time fan of his craft and his imprint in the DJ culture, it's great to to see him on a more personal level, as well as following along on his adventures traveling the world in and out of the clubs. In this episode, he wraps up his Asia tour in Thailand and Japan. You can check out his previous videos in our previous blog post. 




DJ Jazzy Jeff has toured to just about every spot on the globe, and spread his love of music all over the world.

He has release a video series call "Vinyl Destination".

Check out all 4 episodes below (Click on "Read More"). Enjoy!