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Master of the Mix - Final Cut - DJ Dynamix

If y'all missed it last night, we'll just cut to the chase and show you, in our opinion, the best performance of the night! Here's the clip of Dynamix's set we found on YouTube below. In the video, notice how he's carrying a JetPack Remix! GO #TeamJetPack! Here are the final 12 DJs who've made it through to the competition.




Another installment of VINYL DESTINATION! From the episodes 6 & 7, we are honored to see the crew using the JetPack Prime as their bag of choice. Here's a summary of the episode from the Jazzy Jeff camp:

In this week’s episode, DJ Jazzy Jeff wraps up the Middle Eastern portion of his tour. The crew gets an opportunity of a life time hanging out in the Red Bull pits at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain. As a Red Bull DJ, Jeff was thrilled to witness the victory of the Red Bull racing team. Following the race, Jeff catches up with world class driver Lewis Hamilton to talk cars and music. The conversation continues back at the palace where Jeff uses the Prince’s personal studio to record scratches for Mint Condition’s single “Girl Of My Life.” On a day off, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Skillz decide to put on a special performance for some deserving people. They show their appreciation to the men and women of the armed forces by playing at a military base in Abu Dhabi. The crew leaves the Middle East on a high note only to have a run in with the law at their next stop, Paris. Check out Vinyl Destination episode 7



Master of the Mix - Season 3 Airs Tonight!

The first DJ reality TV is off to its third season, Smirnoff  Master of the Mix, now airing on VH1. This season seems to be a talented group, with Team JetPack's very own, DJ Dynamix. Be sure to check it out on VH1 at 10PM tonight! 



DJ Melo-D - LIVE at Fluxx

If you haven't seen DJ Melo-D live, then you are definitely missing out. His style of mixing and tracks transcends across all genres he puts his hands on. Here's a LIVE recordingof his show at Fluxx in San Diego.



Crate Diggers - DJ Nu-Mark's Vinyl Collection

I love these episodes of "Crate Diggers", where they have some of the biggest DJs out there showing off their record collection, as well as a history of how they got started DJing and digging. Uncle Nu (aka DJ Nu-Mark; Jurassic 5's DJ) tells his story about his collection, and some neat toys that he's collected. We'll post some videos of Nu-Mark on his very unique performances using toys in the near future. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the show!




Another episode of DJ Jazzy Jeff's video series had just been released. This installment is a very special one for us at Orbit Concepts as the JetPack Primes are featured in this video. You can catch the crew rockin the Prime along with a customized Prime with DJ Jazzy Jeff's logo on it. This episode, Jazzy Jeff and his crew are doing shows in the Middle East and met up with Tony Touch along the way.



A-Trak & So Me class talents vs Mr Green

I've recently bumped into this video with A-Trak & So me class talents and can't help but to see parallels with Mr. Green's "Live from the Streets" video series. What do you think of these videos? 


adidas Originals | unite all Originals



Mr. Green "Live from the Streets" featuring Brenda (Season 1, Ep 1)


Link to all of Season 1 can be found here:

Link to all of Season 2 can be found here: