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DJ Babu: Crate Digger

DJ Babu of the Beat Junkies & Dilated Peoples gives you a glimpse of what his collection looks like; how he organizes his records, his digging stories, and his first and last quinceanera story. By the way, Babs, quinceanera is 15th birthday, not 16th! 



Cut Chemist's Thoughts on Episode 3 of MOTM

Cut was the special guest judge for this episode. In this video, he gave a brief run down of what he thought about the competition in this reality DJ show. This is some real legitimate insight here people so turn up the headphones and listen up!



Dynamix MOTM Ep 3 Hip Hop Challenge Mix

Here's Dynamix's complete set from episode 3 of Master of the Mix. He's done things that no other DJ has done on the show...Play the mixer like a keyboard!




This episode, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Skillz, Darnell and Steve end up in France and Russia. Along the way, Jeff loses his laptop. For all you DJs out there, you know how devastating that is. Find out what happened to the laptop and tour with Jeff and the crew. Also, see how many times you can spot the JetPack Primes in the video.




Interview with Zedd

DJTT interviews Zedd on how he approaches music production and DJing. 



Crate Diggers - Pete Rock

In this episode of Crate Diggers, you get a chance to step in the mind of the legendary producer Pete Rock and see how he got his records, etc. 



Special Edition of Crate Diggers : J Dilla

Here's a very special episode of Crate Diggers where Talib Kweli, J Rocc, DJ Spinna and others get a chance to dig into J Dilla's record collection. I'm gonna let you guys dive into this without further ado, here it is!



Mix: Dynamix's MOTM Audition in Full

Here's Dynamix's Master of the Mix Audition in its entirety, with the ending part that wasn't aired. Continuing to support our dude..this man is a monster!!