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RIP SSL (Serato Scratch Live)

Big news just came in that Serato will no longer provide updates to the 10-year-old SSL. They will continue to provide support and troubleshooting until 2015 so DJs can slowly adjust and upgrade when they feel comfortable, but no more new features will be implemented. It'll still be available for download with technical support. With that, Serato DJ is the software that's replacing SSL, which came in the merge from Itch and Scratch Live, but Serato DJ will not work with SSL-1 & Rane TTM 57. Serato DJ will take its place with the ability for DVS. 


For more details, here's the video from Serato's CEO Sam Gribben.


Vinyl Destination - Episode 14


Another episode with the Magnificent! Here's a summary for this episode:

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew cross the Atlantic again in episode 14 of Vinyl Destination. First stop is Madrid, Spain, where Skillz declares his true calling as a DJ. But the guys are not convinced. The tour continues in Biel, Leeds, Middlesborough, and Warwick. Their final stop is Berlin where Jeff pays a visit to the headquarters of Native Instruments and Abelton before tearing down the tables at Tube Station. Episode 14 features an appearance from Red Man, a story about an NBA Hall of Famer, and a cake that leaves the guys scratching their heads. 



The World Famous Beat Junkies Interview

The Beat Junkies were interviewed by Dubspot to talk about their crew's two-decade legacy, turntable music, music technology, and the evolution of DJing. Now, you can push play. 



Vinyl Destination - Episode 13

This is another episode of DJ Jazzy Jeff's journey. Here's the summary of this episode:


DJ Jazzy Jeff is back in his hometown of Philadelphia for the 13th installment of Vinyl Destination. This episode kicks off with Jeff jamming with The Roots, Queen Latifah, Common and many more at last year's July 4th celebrations. Nearing the anniversary death of DJ AM, Jeff takes a moment to remember his friend and fellow turntablist at Dusk Atlantic City where AM once resided. Expect to see rehearsals with musical icons, Jeff's fun facts about Philadelphia, and a remembrance to his dear friend DJ AM in this episode of Vinyl Destination.


Traktor DJ for iOS

For those who have taken advantage of this great app that has gone free since yesterday (not sure how long it'll stay free), here's a video discussing the feature walkthrough and demo of this great app done by the folks at DJ TechTools. If yall get to this in time on iTunes, be sure to cop it while it still doesn't cost you a penny!



16-Year-Old Tanner Seebaum Battling Cancer and Living Out His Dream

Many of you have heard about the heartfelt story of a young 16-year-old DJ, Tanner Seebaum (aka DJ Seebaum), who's battling brain cancer. The DJ community has been touched and inspired by Tanner's will to push forward to pursue his dream even with his deteriorating health. Britt Chester, who was the first to break this story in a Westword blog, reached out to us in hope of finding a proper way to carry the essentials for his medication and treatment, in a DJ bag. We didn't hestitate and did what we thought was a no-brainer. 

I've had a chance to reach out to Matthew, Tanner's father, to hear more about Tanner and catch a glimpse of what he and his family are calling Tanner's "Ultimate DJ Week" which spanned from June 15th to 23rd. He DJed at Digital Cirus in his hometown of Denver on June 15, opening for the headliner of the night, Berverli Trillz, on the Dub-Trap stage. Then on June 19, he killed it in a 1-hour set in between the sets of Reid Speed and one of his heroes, Downlink, in a benefit event for Tanner that was put together by some local DJs. His "Ultimate DJ Week" continued from there on a private plane to Vegas, where he played a set at Rehab at Hard Rock on Saturday 22 for the EDC weekend crowd which DJ Seebaum said was "amazing!"  Then finally, back to Rehab on Sunday to hang out with Faboy Slim, Boyz Noise, and Robbie Rivera. Matthew said they got back on June 24, and Tanner was "wiped out, but this was his dream", and he found a way to power through the biggest gigs of his life to date. The Denver gigs were made possible by DJ Walt White, DJ Ishe, Dirt Monkey, and Global DJ Academy, and the Vegas gig by Landon Dyksterhouse (Mash-up King). 

On Friday, June 28, Tanner was asked to play at the Beatport headquarters live broadcast. A live recording can be found at this link. Seeing how he did his thing from the video, he definitely rocked it although Tanner's health has been in declined since coming back from Vegas, and became moslty paralyzed on his right side. 

Tanner's outlet for dealing with cancer is DJing, and his way of dealing with so much at such a young age makes him an inspiration to the DJ community and beyond. We asked that those who can and are interested in donating, to visit to make a contribution. 

Read more about Tanner's story from Britt who was the first to break this story.

I'd like to thank Britt and Matthew for taking their time to share this amazing story with us. 

Vinyl Destination - Episode 12

DJ Jazzy Jeff is back in the states, still traveling from state to state to rock out. Check this episode out where Jeff travels to Vegas, Detroit, and LA with this wild boys.