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Vinyl Destination goes to Amsterdam

This episode of Vinyl Destination takes us to Amsterdam. Jeff and the crew caught up with Shortkut there, and Jeff just so happens to rock a party on 4/20. 



Interview with DJ Mustard

DJ Mustard had been making lots of noise, with bangers after bangers for the past few years. This interview by Complex had Mustard telling a story about what his influences are, where he came from as a DJ, and into producing huge westcoast tracks.

Interview by David Drake (@somanyshrimp)

What were you guys trying to go for with YG's My Krazy Life?
When Dre and Snoop got together it was classic, West Coast real rap-type shit. We tried to recreate that, because our generation is way different than what it was back then. We just focused on making a real West Coast album, and bring to the table the YG lifestyle. Everybody knows YG is a turnt up dude that can't nobody control. So he wanted to take them through his lifestyle—show them what it would be like to spend a day in Compton. So they would know what it was like to be him for a day.

What is your favorite track that you did on the album?
I can't say I have one favorite. The thing about the album was to make as many singles as we possibly could. I feel like I like almost every record. I don't think there's a record on there I don't like. I don't think I have a favorite because I like all of them the same.

Technics SL-DZ1200 MKII

For those who are old enough to remember when the MK-I was released, it was Technic's attempt to counter Pioneer's CDJs, which we all know now, is an industry standard. Check out what's new from this video, and tell us what you think. We think that this can do some damage, we just need to get them in our hands test them for ourselves.


An in-dept review can be found by DJ Tech Tools here 

The Toy Set by DJ Nu-Mark at Amoeba Records, Hollywood (Feb 28, 2014)

The Infamous Toy Set by none other than Uncle Nu aka DJ Nu-Mark of Jurassic 5, this time done LIVE at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. If you haven't seen Nu-Mark's Toy Set before, you're definitely missing out. This man puts DJing to a whole new level that no one has ever done. This is an action packed set with a variety of instruments / toys. We are proud to have him reppin #TeamJetPack! Without further a do, here it is...

DJ Jazzy Jeff's performance & interview on DJ City's MikiDzShow

We got a chance to see this performance in person. It was a packed house, and according to DJ City, this show with DJ Jazzy Jeff was breaking all sorts of numbers in viewership online as well as live attendance. It also got featured on the main page of Ustream. Here's the entire video of the show for those who missed it or want to see it again.



We got a chance to catch up with Jeff and presented him with a custom Vinyl Destination JetPack Remix. You can check out his latest episode below.


First DJs to get inducted in the Hollywood RockWalk

There are many monumental moments in the DJ / Hip Hop history, and this is one of them. Yesterday, on March 6, 2014, 3 of the legendary DJs Grandmaster Flash (one of the pioneers of hip hop DJing), Grand Wizzard Theodore (the inventor of scratching), and Grand Mixer DXT (the first to perform with the turntables as a musical instrument), became the first DJs to get inducted into the Hollywood RockWalk. More of the story can be found here



Tonight, DJ Jazzy Jeff will be in sunny Southern California (even though we had just had a much needed storm) to bless the turntables with his magnificent skills at DJ City's MikiDz Show. For those who have not yet gotten on the guest list, you can still watch it live on Ustream. Starts at 7:30pm at

How to install driver for Serato DJ 1.6 and update firmware on your Rane mixers

So there's been news going around that some of y'all are having issues with Serato DJ 1.6 crashing on your Rane mixers. Well, Rane just released a how-to on updating the firmware of your Rane mixers. Accordingly to Rane, "the Sixy-Two, Sixty-Four, Sixty-Eight, and the SL3 require a firmware update to be compatible with Serato DJ 1.6." Here's how taken from Rane's article:

1. Install Serato DJ.

2. Open Serato DJ.

3. Connect your Rane device with a USB cable to the computer.

4. If the device does not connect, look for the Install Driver button in the right-hand panel. Click it. This launches the Rane driver installer. Follow the install directions. A reboot will be required.


5. After the computer has rebooted, open the device’s control panel.

Windows: The device control panel icon is located in the Windows Control Panel.

Mac: The device control panel icon is located in the system preferences pane.


6. If the Update Firmware panel is not grayed out, and the button is yellow, a firmware update is necessary. Click the Update Firmware button to update the device’s firmware.

7. Close the device control panel.

8. Open Serato DJ. Your Rane device should be recognized and connected with the decks visible.



1. Close Serato DJ and disconnect the device’s USB cable.

2. Open the Audio MIDI located in the Utilities folder in Applications.


3. Click the Window tab at the top of the screen, and click Show MIDI Window.

4. Locate your Rane device and click on it to enable the Remove Device button. The Sixty-Two is selected here.

5. Click the Remove Device button to remove the device.

6. Quit the Audio MIDI Setup app.

7. Connect your Rane device’s USB cable.

8. Open Serato DJ.