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A-Trak - New Technique to Switch Tempos

This technique has actually been done before. I've seen it performed by Orbit Concepts' very own Wil (DJ Stress) way back before Serato was introduced to the DJ world. Here is what A-Trak have to say about this technique:

"I had this idea for a new way to switch tempos in a set - say you're at 100 and you want to go to 70. That Skepta song is at 70 but on 45 it's 100-ish. Say I'm coming out of a song at 100, I can then scratch a little beat with the intro of the next one I want to play (in this case Skepta) as an interlude, and bring it down to regular speed and play the song at 70. ‪#‎RealDJing‬"


DJ Brace - 2016 DMC Online Finals Routine (Video)

DJ Brace, one half of the Fresherthans (his partner is DJ Vekked, the reigning 2015 DMC World Champion), just released his video submission for the 2016 DMC Finals. His scratches are always ridiculously clean and on point with this word phrasing scratches, and with this video routine, he's pushing the limits by using techniques and gear that hasn't been seen in DMC competititons. Executing tone manipulations with Vestax PDX-3000 on his left, as well as the Fetless Fader rigged Vestax 06 Pro on right right, this combination of gear used is the first of its kind. You've seen them separately demonstrated in video routines, but never together (unless I'm wrong please do tell me). He's also using the Vestax Controller 1, main mix controls on the Rane TTM62, as well as pedals (Memory Toy Analog Delay, Ibanez Tone-Lok WD7 Weeping Demon Wah, and On/Off power switch for the left deck. Needless to say, this is a must see! 


DJ Jazzy Jeff's Vinyl Destination Season 3 Premiere

Here's the premiere of Vinyl Destination Season 3 Episode 1! Another season to journey the world with the one, the only, DJ Jazzy Jeff! Big shout out to Jeff for featuring us on this episode! 




JetPack Featured on the Premiere of DJ Jazzy Jeff's Vinyl Destination Season 3 Episode 1

Here is the premiere of Vinyl Destination Season 3 Episode 1! Another season to journey the world with the one, the only, DJ Jazzy Jeff! Big shout out to Jeff for featuring us on this episode! We are proud that you and the Vinyl Destination crew put JetPacks on your backs while you're rockin' at all the hot spots all around the world!



Pioneer Leaves CDs in the Dust with the New XDJ-1000


As CDs are becoming obsolete, Pioneer designed what they called a "performance multi player" that plays music off of USB drives and music prepared from rekordbox from computers and smartphones. They've integrated a 7-inch full color touch screen, built-in Qwerty keyboard for search, quantized beat jump / loop move, enhanced rekordbox track information, color-coded USB port light, and more. 

It's set to come in the market in November of this year. More info can be found here.

The highly anticipated battle between Shiftee & Enferno turns into a new collabo, E.A.S.Y.

For those who didn't catch the days leading up to this morning, there's been some beefing going back and forth on Twitter between Shiftee and Enferno (@djshiftee, @enferno). Craze (@Crazearoni) egged it on and the 2 decided to have a battle for 20,000 bones, with Craze being the judge of course. They've set the battle to be broadcast on Ustream this morning at 11 EST. The audience full of DJs all got fooled as there was no battle, but a publicity stunt for their first collabo video routine of the SNL parody skit of "When will the bass drop?" 


They've formed a new group, E.A.S.Y, for their new venture in trying to promote the use of new technology with turntables. They've also released a new track.



Serato Flip: Tutorial and Demo

As some of you already heard, Serato DJ 1.7 was released yesterday, along with the new highly anticipated expansion pack Serato Flip. Now DJs can create custom intros, outros, shorten versions, or a complete remix...hence the name Flip. The videos below are to demonstrate how to use Serato Flip, and watch it in action. For $29, it's a small cost for such a great way to make your sets unique.



Serato Flip announced as the new expansion pack for Serato DJ

Serato just announced the brand new expansion pack: Serato Flip. Aiming to make editing music right inside Serato DJ, Flip will be made available this September with Serato DJ 1.7. It will allow DJs to record their cue point actions, and censor actions, saved into 6 Flips per track. This is what Serato is seeing as the future of DJing, where producing and editing will be synonymous to DJing, which is already what we're seeing in the DJ movement today. At $29 USD for this expansion pack, it is not a bad deal compare to comparable standard editing programs out there. DJ City will be live streaming a Q&A along with live demos tonight at 7:30pm PST for those who are intersted. Below is also a teaser video which is not much of a teaser but a full-blown demo of Flip's potentials. Here's more of what you can do with the new Serato Flip.

Serato Flip Features

  • Record Cue Point & Censor Automation

    Click record once to arm recording. Once you hit the first cue or censor, recording begins. Hit record again to set the end point of your Flip.

  • Prepare & Edit Tracks In Offline Mode

    Use Serato Flip without your hardware connected.

  • Flip Saving

    Save 6 different Flips per track. Serato Flip information is saved to your tracks metadata and doesn't edit the audio of the track. You can delete cue points and your Flip will still be remembered.

  • Hardware Controls, Keyboard Shortcut & Midi Mappable

    Control Flip directly from your computer or your controller with a keyboard shortcut and hardware controls being mapped for supported current and future hardware. Flip controls are also MIDI mappable for use with the MIDI controller of your choice. 

  • Looping / Loop Snap

    Choose whether your recorded Flip plays through once or loops. Select whether your looped Flip will snap to an end-point that's on beat with your track.

  • Recall and Replay

    Turn Flips ON / OFF and start your Flip on track load or whenever you like.

  • Make perfect edits

    Platter movements aren't recorded so you can move the platter to an exact point and trigger a cue point to make the perfect Flip.

  • Name your Flips

    Just like Serato DJs nameable Cue Points you can also name your Flips. The name of your Flip will appear in the deck info area when the track is loaded.

This is an amazing add-on for those serious DJs who are looking to set themselves apart from the pack. Tell us what you think.