A-Trak - New Technique to Switch Tempos

This technique has actually been done before. I've seen it performed by Orbit Concepts' very own Wil (DJ Stress) way back before Serato was introduced to the DJ world. Here is what A-Trak have to say about this technique:

"I had this idea for a new way to switch tempos in a set - say you're at 100 and you want to go to 70. That Skepta song is at 70 but on 45 it's 100-ish. Say I'm coming out of a song at 100, I can then scratch a little beat with the intro of the next one I want to play (in this case Skepta) as an interlude, and bring it down to regular speed and play the song at 70. ‪#‎RealDJing‬"


DJ Brace - 2016 DMC Online Finals Routine (Video)

DJ Brace, one half of the Fresherthans (his partner is DJ Vekked, the reigning 2015 DMC World Champion), just released his video submission for the 2016 DMC Finals. His scratches are always ridiculously clean and on point with this word phrasing scratches, and with this video routine, he's pushing the limits by using techniques and gear that hasn't been seen in DMC competititons. Executing tone manipulations with Vestax PDX-3000 on his left, as well as the Fetless Fader rigged Vestax 06 Pro on right right, this combination of gear used is the first of its kind. You've seen them separately demonstrated in video routines, but never together (unless I'm wrong please do tell me). He's also using the Vestax Controller 1, main mix controls on the Rane TTM62, as well as pedals (Memory Toy Analog Delay, Ibanez Tone-Lok WD7 Weeping Demon Wah, and On/Off power switch for the left deck. Needless to say, this is a must see! 


Pioneer Leaves CDs in the Dust with the New XDJ-1000


As CDs are becoming obsolete, Pioneer designed what they called a "performance multi player" that plays music off of USB drives and music prepared from rekordbox from computers and smartphones. They've integrated a 7-inch full color touch screen, built-in Qwerty keyboard for search, quantized beat jump / loop move, enhanced rekordbox track information, color-coded USB port light, and more. 

It's set to come in the market in November of this year. More info can be found here.