Loop - The Evolution of the Headphone Bag


Orbit Concepts, the maker of the JetPack, presents the LOOP Bag, the first premium headphone bag designed for today's mobile lifestyle  This unique product, the first of it's kind, is the evolution of the headphone bag, mobile media case, and personal carrying bag all in one innovative design.

Check out this sneak peak of our exciting new bag, set to be released very soon on!  More info coming soon!



Vinyl Destination goes to Amsterdam

This episode of Vinyl Destination takes us to Amsterdam. Jeff and the crew caught up with Shortkut there, and Jeff just so happens to rock a party on 4/20. 



Interview with DJ Mustard

DJ Mustard had been making lots of noise, with bangers after bangers for the past few years. This interview by Complex had Mustard telling a story about what his influences are, where he came from as a DJ, and into producing huge westcoast tracks.

Interview by David Drake (@somanyshrimp)

What were you guys trying to go for with YG's My Krazy Life?
When Dre and Snoop got together it was classic, West Coast real rap-type shit. We tried to recreate that, because our generation is way different than what it was back then. We just focused on making a real West Coast album, and bring to the table the YG lifestyle. Everybody knows YG is a turnt up dude that can't nobody control. So he wanted to take them through his lifestyle—show them what it would be like to spend a day in Compton. So they would know what it was like to be him for a day.

What is your favorite track that you did on the album?
I can't say I have one favorite. The thing about the album was to make as many singles as we possibly could. I feel like I like almost every record. I don't think there's a record on there I don't like. I don't think I have a favorite because I like all of them the same.