Pioneer Leaves CDs in the Dust with the New XDJ-1000


As CDs are becoming obsolete, Pioneer designed what they called a "performance multi player" that plays music off of USB drives and music prepared from rekordbox from computers and smartphones. They've integrated a 7-inch full color touch screen, built-in Qwerty keyboard for search, quantized beat jump / loop move, enhanced rekordbox track information, color-coded USB port light, and more. 

It's set to come in the market in November of this year. More info can be found here.

The highly anticipated battle between Shiftee & Enferno turns into a new collabo, E.A.S.Y.

For those who didn't catch the days leading up to this morning, there's been some beefing going back and forth on Twitter between Shiftee and Enferno (@djshiftee, @enferno). Craze (@Crazearoni) egged it on and the 2 decided to have a battle for 20,000 bones, with Craze being the judge of course. They've set the battle to be broadcast on Ustream this morning at 11 EST. The audience full of DJs all got fooled as there was no battle, but a publicity stunt for their first collabo video routine of the SNL parody skit of "When will the bass drop?" 


They've formed a new group, E.A.S.Y, for their new venture in trying to promote the use of new technology with turntables. They've also released a new track.