Say "HELLO" to SLIM!

The highly anticipated, revolutionary DJ bag has finally arrived! With the excitement building since last week when we first announced the JetPack Slim's arrival, we've had a massive amount of interest about the bag from its fashinably sleek design and travel friendly features like the TSA approved laptop compartment. This is THE must have bag for those who want a DJ bag that can be used as a day bag as well. To commemorate our 5 year anniversary, we have allotted a limited quantity for the introductory discounted price of $99.99. Don't sleep on this deal!!! Share and repost this to all your DJ buddies. For more info and purchase, click the photo above.

Glyph x DELOOP

Orbit Concepts is proud to announce the DELOOP is now the exclusive premium case for the Glyph by Avegant, a "Best of CES" 2016 winner!

The Glyph is a revolutionary mediawear product, a bold new concept in personal entertainment. The Glyph sits on your head like a pair of headphones, and when flipped down over your eyes, it becomes a personal theater that gives you a completely immersive experience when viewing all types of media content from your mobile device. While it's much more than a headset, the shape and design makes for a perfect fit inside the DELOOP, which also conveniently accommodates all of the Glyph's accessories thanks to its innovative compartmental design. An amazing product such as the Glyph deserves no less than a case with DELOOP's commitment to quality and solid build. Orbit Concepts is excited that the Glyph, a true original, can now come in the original premium headphone case.

For more information on the Glyph, and to check out Avegant's specially branded DELOOP, please visit

DJ Buruaaa - 2016 DMC World Finals Routine

DJ Buruaaa is kind of a mystery man. There aren't many things you can find on him on the Internet, 

he's repping Japan in the DMC Finals, and some have found info on him deep inside some Japanese 

website. He's come in the DMC finals this year with some raw skills. He first entered the DMC competitons 

last year and placed 5th in the World Finals. This routine here has some cool one-handed up-fader

techniques, along with executing his routine with speed and precision. 


Check out his other videos on his YouTube channel



A-Trak - New Technique to Switch Tempos

This technique has actually been done before. I've seen it performed by Orbit Concepts' very own Wil (DJ Stress) way back before Serato was introduced to the DJ world. Here is what A-Trak have to say about this technique:

"I had this idea for a new way to switch tempos in a set - say you're at 100 and you want to go to 70. That Skepta song is at 70 but on 45 it's 100-ish. Say I'm coming out of a song at 100, I can then scratch a little beat with the intro of the next one I want to play (in this case Skepta) as an interlude, and bring it down to regular speed and play the song at 70. ‪#‎RealDJing‬"


DJ Brace - 2016 DMC Online Finals Routine (Video)

DJ Brace, one half of the Fresherthans (his partner is DJ Vekked, the reigning 2015 DMC World Champion), just released his video submission for the 2016 DMC Finals. His scratches are always ridiculously clean and on point with this word phrasing scratches, and with this video routine, he's pushing the limits by using techniques and gear that hasn't been seen in DMC competititons. Executing tone manipulations with Vestax PDX-3000 on his left, as well as the Fetless Fader rigged Vestax 06 Pro on right right, this combination of gear used is the first of its kind. You've seen them separately demonstrated in video routines, but never together (unless I'm wrong please do tell me). He's also using the Vestax Controller 1, main mix controls on the Rane TTM62, as well as pedals (Memory Toy Analog Delay, Ibanez Tone-Lok WD7 Weeping Demon Wah, and On/Off power switch for the left deck. Needless to say, this is a must see!