Glyph x DELOOP

Orbit Concepts is proud to announce the DELOOP is now the exclusive premium case for the Glyph by Avegant, a "Best of CES" 2016 winner!

The Glyph is a revolutionary mediawear product, a bold new concept in personal entertainment. The Glyph sits on your head like a pair of headphones, and when flipped down over your eyes, it becomes a personal theater that gives you a completely immersive experience when viewing all types of media content from your mobile device. While it's much more than a headset, the shape and design makes for a perfect fit inside the DELOOP, which also conveniently accommodates all of the Glyph's accessories thanks to its innovative compartmental design. An amazing product such as the Glyph deserves no less than a case with DELOOP's commitment to quality and solid build. Orbit Concepts is excited that the Glyph, a true original, can now come in the original premium headphone case.

For more information on the Glyph, and to check out Avegant's specially branded DELOOP, please visit